Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Other Furniture

Apart from traditional forms of furniture products, there is also a huge variety offered by other furniture products as well. The category of other furniture products is further categorized into three subcategories which include antique furniture, folding furniture and inflatable furniture. The category of antique furniture offers a number of products and furniture items such as antique beds, antique cabinets, antique chairs, antique furniture sets, antique tables and other antique furniture also. Folding furniture entails many furniture products and items that include folding beds, folding chairs, folding furniture sets, folding stools, folding tables as well as other folding furniture. Inflatable furniture, on the other hand, includes furniture products like air beds, inflatable chairs and other inflatable furniture. The common examples of furniture or furniture related products include furniture barber, furniture barstool, furniture badge, crystal knobs, furniture barstools, furniture bedroom, furniture assembly and furniture banding and furniture accessories. There are many examples of furniture made for storage purposes e.g. bookcase, cabinet, chest, chest of drawers, credenza, cupboard, curio, dresser, hope chest, hutch, nightstand, sideboard, and trunk and wardrobe. Furniture made for seating purposes includes bean bag, bench, chair, chaise longue, couch, fauteuil, footstool, love seat, ottoman, recliner, settee, sofa (couch), stool (type of chair), tuffet, watchman's chair and wingback chair as well. 

Related Services

The category of furniture related services includes furniture agents who mainly facilitate, give advice and help consumers in buying best furniture products and furniture items at furniture showrooms and outlets. Besides furniture, furniture agents also recommend using many decorative and furnishing items such as ceramic art, glassware (consisting both studio glass and stained glass), hard-stone carving, bone carving metalwork, jewellery, ivory carving, textile arts, mosaics including micro-mosaics, wallpapers, fretwork as well as fold-forming. Furniture agents may also give advice regarding many other forms of decorative arts such as assemblage, beadwork, doll making, dollhouse, egg decorating, engraved gems, lathart, lapidary, leatherworking, miniatures, pietra dura, pressed flower craft, and scrimshaw and straw marquetry etc.  Under the advice of your furniture agents, you can decorate your floors by using different kinds of ceramics such as Azulejo, bone china, cameo glass, earthenware, glassware, porcelain, pottery, stained glass and stoneware etc. There are many leading furniture designers offering their services to consumers. The most notable names include Alvar Aalto, Eero Aarnio, Robert Adam, Thomas Affleck, Davis Allen, Jean Avisse, Maarten Baas, Fred Baier, Milo Baughman, Peter Behrens, Mario Bellini, Harry Bertoia, Edgar Blazona, Mario Botta, AndrĂ© Charles Boulle, Marcel Breuer, Jeremy Broun, Louise Campbell, Achille Castiglioni, William Chambers, and Eliphalet Chapin etc. 

Furniture Making Products

There are three major categories and classifications in furniture making products. Generally speaking, furniture making products are classified into furniture parts and accessories, machinery & parts and materials. Furniture parts and accessories include furniture hardware and furniture parts whereas the sub category of machinery and parts is consisted of items like woodworking machinery and woodworking machinery parts as well. Now as per the items coming under the sub category of materials, there are generally three items including synthetic leather, upholstery fabric, and woodworking adhesives. Furniture hardware is composed of door catches and door closers, furniture bolts, furniture casters, furniture handles & knobs, furniture hinges, furniture locks, slides and other furniture hardware items. Furniture parts include chair mechanisms, furniture frames, furniture legs, swivel plates and other furniture parts. The overall woodworking machinery used in making of furniture is comprised of different machineries and mechanical tools such as finger jointer, press, saw machinery, wood based panels machinery, wood boring machine, wood lathe, wood pellet mill, wood planer, wood router, woodworking benches and also other types of woodworking machinery. All of these examples and sub categories, as shown above, easily depict the richness and depth offered by the world of furniture and furniture making products. 

Furniture by Use

Furniture is also differentiated by its usages in different venues and locations. As per usages of furniture, there are three broad categories including commercial furniture, home furniture and outdoor furniture. The category of commercial furniture includes bar furniture, hospital furniture, hotel furniture, laboratory furniture, library furniture, office furniture, restaurant furniture, salon furniture, school furniture, theater furniture, waiting chairs as well as many other types of commercial furniture. Home furniture includes baby furniture, bathroom furniture, bedroom furniture, children furniture, dining room furniture, kitchen furniture, living room furniture including other items of home furniture as well. Outdoor furniture entails many styles and forms of furniture as per its usages. The examples of outdoor furniture are awnings, beach chairs, garden chairs, garden sets, garden sofas, gazebos, hammocks, outdoor tables, patio benches, patio swings, patio umbrellas & bases, and sun loungers and other outdoor furniture also. All examples and categories of furniture, as mentioned above, show the huge verity of furniture items being manufactured by a number of companies and manufacturers all over the world. Branded furniture items are rather expensive as compared with those furniture products made by the local companies but the overall quality of branded furniture items is much higher and superior than locally made furniture. 

Furniture by Material

Furniture is categorized into different classifications depending upon the making and different materials used in such furniture. The most common and general forms of furniture include bamboo furniture, glass furniture, metal furniture, plastic furniture, rattan/wicker furniture and wood furniture. Bamboo furniture includes bamboo beds, bamboo cabinets, bamboo chairs, bamboo furniture sets, bamboo tables and other bamboo furniture whereas different items of glass furniture consist of glass cabinets, glass tables and other glass furniture as well. Metal furniture includes metal beds, metal chairs, metal furniture sets, metal tables including other metal furniture also. Plastic furniture is another broad category of furniture which consists of plastic beds, plastic chairs, plastic furniture sets, plastic stools, plastic tables and other plastic furniture. Rattan or wicker furniture also entails so much different sorts of furniture such as rattan/wicker beds, rattan/wicker cabinets, rattan/wicker chairs, rattan/wicker furniture sets, rattan/wicker sofas, rattan/wicker tables and other rattan/wicker furniture. Wood furniture is supposed to be the widely used and most popular furniture all over the world. Wood furniture is another broad category of furniture comprising wood beds, wood cabinets, wood chairs, wood furniture sets, wood tables and other wood furniture. Usages of different kinds of materials in making and manufacturing of furniture offer so much options and verities to consumers in all parts of the world.